LOUNGE Studios Booking Page

Before Booking please be aware of the following - 

  • We run a strict 72 hour cancellation policy, 3 days notice is required for cancellation or you will be charged the full price of the booking

  • Any damage to equipment or room will be charged to your card

  • All rooms have CCTV in operation

  • Please leave rooms clean and tidy 

  • Once you have booked, you will receive a confirmation email and receipt of payment

  • You will also receive codes for entry

  • If you have any queries you can call or email ( see below for details )

  • All rooms come with PA System, 3 Microphones SM58's, iPod cable 

  • All rooms come with - Drum Kit / 2 x Guitar Amps / Bass Amp ( the drum kit does not come with cymbals , sticks , or clutch  - you will need to supply your own )

  • If you agree to all these terms click below to book 

Tel - 07939 414 782 - Email - loungestudios@outlook.com